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Ideal Persons

International student who has newly graduated from a university

We seek a person who has strong enthusiasm i.e. who wants to discover and experience something new.


 International sales representative: Business contents

1) Common contents to new graduates/ mid-career workers

Whole procedure for importing – Instructing customs clearing agents about customs clearance and cooperation with the manufacturing department and the sales department.

Ordering from import sources such as China, Taiwan, the USA, the UK, France and Singapore, delivery date management, and quality negotiations

Whole procedure for exporting – Preparing export documents and instructing customs clearing agents about customs clearance

Negotiating with export destinations such as China, Taiwan, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Australia, Germany and the Netherlands about quotations, order receipt and prices by e-mail and telephone.


2) Contents only for experienced workers:

Communicating with overseas by e-mail and telephone, taking order and expanding sales, translating technical materials, communicating with the manufacturers about import and maintaining for foreign-made factory equipment.


Do you want to become “A Person Who Has a Dream and Knows the World?”



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