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PTFE Hoses

PTFE Hoses

TOFLE PTFE hoses are manufactured using PTFE powder with authorization from UL94-V0.

The UL standards are exemplary global safety standards for electrical equipment, established and approved by UNDERWRITERS LABORATORIES INC. in the United States. This standards are applied to products in various fields, such as electrical products, fire prevention devices, plastic materials, lithium batteries, and electric vehicle related equipment. The UL standards are classified into three major categories: flammability (flame retardance), flame resistance, and electrical properties. The UL94 category consists of “plastic flammability tests for devices, apparatuses and parts”, including horizontal and vertical burning tests.

Rediscover! Flattened Flare Through

Do you know? The Secret of Flare Through of PTFE hoses by TOFLE.
The Secret is in forming technology.
Could you touch it to see the distinguished technology yourself?

Advantage1 Flare through integrated with fitting.
Advantage2 Right angle of sharp edge.


NameShapeNominal diaFeatureimage
Bioflex UltraSmooth Bore, Externally Convoluted3/8B~3BSmooth Bore & highly flexible
Dramatically improving on many of their technical performance parameters
CorroflonConvoluted1/2B~6BConvolution angle is extremely shallow-80゜to 120゜.
Compared with 45゜to 65゜ in other convoluted hose design.
CorrolineSmooth Bore
Externally convoluted
1/2B~3BDeveloped for Chemical plant.
Hyperline SBStraight1/4B~1BSmooth Bore with medium wall thickness.
Hyperline VConvoluted3/8B~
Designed as general purpose application in wide range.
Hyperline FXSmooth Bore, Externally Convoluted1/4B~1BSofter than SB, High flow rate than V.
Pharmaline N & Pharmaline XSmooth Bore, Externally ConvolutedPharmaline N:1/4B~3B
Pharmaline X:1/4B~2B

Pharmaline N:
Soft and clean for Pharmaceutical and Bio-Technology.

Pharmaline X:
For Low pressure application version for Pharmaline N.
UNI-BRAID R160 PTFE HoseStraight1/4B~1BUltimete hose for various high pressure application.
Fire ProtectSmooth Bore, Externally Convoluted1/2B~4BFor transferrinng dangerous liquid regulated by the Fire Service Act. Not for medium which will attack fluoroethylene resin.

Certification (International Standard)

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