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Most suitable hose for risk control required by ISO22000 (*) 

Bioflex , Corroflon passed JIAFE (Japan Inspection Association of Food and Food Industry
Environment) Elution Test.

The Optimum Choice PTFE hose.

◆ Excellent Chemical Resistance
PTFE is renowned as the most chemically resistant material known. Only a very few, very unusal substances and

conditions can affect it, like Fluorine gas at high temperature and pressure and Liquid, boilling sodium metal.
◆ Non-Stick Surface

The use of PTFE as a surface for cookware products hes demonstrated to the world how easily cleeanable PTFE

surfaces are. This means that PTFE lined hoses can be purged 100% clean more easily, faster and more reliably

than any other type of hose.
◆ Excellent Temperature Range

The cookware application also demonstrates another of PTFE's many talents-temperature resistance. PTFE itself

can be used as a hose liner at temperatures from -150℃ up to +260℃, dependent upon the hose desigh

and the application conditions. This is the widest temperature range of any rubber or plastic hose lininghmaterial.


UNW SUS newly developed.  


We change TF-1600 and TF-9700 into Trivalent chromium coated.


PTFE Hoses supplied by TOFLE is flame-retardant. - Powder used is classified as UL94 V-0 - 

Rediscovered! No-relaxing Flare Through 

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