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"With the expansion of our lineup, we provide products for a large variety of applications across many fields."

In the 1960s, when flexible tubes made of copper alloy and rubber were mainly used in Japan, Yoshiro Misumida, the founder of TOFLE, succeeded in developing stainless steel flexible tubes, which were previously said to be impossible to manufacture. Low-cost stainless steel flexible tubes have better corrosion resistance and durability than copper tubes and were highly valued at that time. Since then, as a specialized manufacturer, we have accumulated copious research data and undertaken development, with the aim of making world-class flexible tubes that could compete with those produced in European countries, where the manufacture of flexible tubes had been fairly advanced.

We established a corporate culture that emphasizes our dedication to creating new technologies. We are proud to have developed a method of uniformly controlling the thickness of the metals we use and shaping our tubes by eliminating the spaces between 'accumulated metal' because we have pursued the goal of improving the performance of flexible tubes with an uncompromising attitude, in order to win the trust and confidence of customers. Such technologies may appear easy to develop, but they are possessed by only a few companies around the world, at the present time.

Flexible tubes are used in high-rise construction equipment, for diesel electric power generators that are used as a backup in case of emergency, and also for nuclear energy applications. These flexible tubes are subject to the most extreme conditions among all piping lines. In this rapidly-changing world, we must enhance the performance of flexible tubes so that they can be applied to even higher-grade applications and wider-ranging fields.

In June 2014, we expanded the facilities of the Development and Quality Assurance Center.
We have advanced into domestic and overseas markets, while having acquired certification for various products. In addition to stainless-steel tubes, we have also commercialized resin hoses such as PTFE hoses. With this expansion of the lineup, we provide products for many applications in various fields.
In order to produce high-quality products, we thoroughly put into practice a delivery-date management scheme as well as the "5S" methodology that stands for: sorting; setting-in-order; shining; standardizing and; 'sustaining the discipline' in our manufacturing sites.

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You can see that the quality control system of TOFLE will meet a great variety of needs.

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We have acquired various certifications (including ISO) and are making efforts to improve and strengthen our management systems.

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