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TFK-23000・24000: for High Pressure Water Pump Device

TFK-23000・24000: for High Pressure Water Pump Device

Tubes are Omega tubes, having excellent flexibility and pressure resistance.
For 20K application, the safty is assured by 2 Ply bellows.

  • Nominal dia:JIS10K-type:32A~300A
  • Materials:Carbon Steel
    Stainless Steel

Fire Extinguish Pump for Vibration Absorber
Flexible Hose for High Pressured Water Pump Device

Approved by Fire Protection Equipment and Safety center of Japan: No. 31

Fire and Disaster Management Agensy regulates the construction and required performance for Flexible hoses connected with Pump related piping system used for sprinklers and fire fighting equipments, etc. The construction and the required performance of the flexible hoses are confirmed and approved by Fire Protection Equipment and Safety center of Japan,





TFK-23000 ( JIS10K )

Sealing Material: 316L SS
Under 200A・・・NW-type (Non Welded)

TFK-24000 ( JIS20K )

Sealing Material: 316L SS
Under 80A・・・NW-type (Non Welded



Standard of length

Length; 300AL~1500AL
(Defferent on each hose size.)


Max pressure

Max pressure at 10K Flange:1.4 MPa
Max pressure at 10K Flange:2.8MPa


■Non-welded Type ■High-tech Welded Type


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