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International Standard ISO10380 Required Tests successfully complete


Tofle CO., Inc. carried out  an international standard ISO10380 required tests successfully for the following Super Annular and Omega Bellows.











Attention of the sufferers,  

Attention of the suffereIn order to serve for the sufferers by the earthquake in March and for recovering of the devastated regions, we donated through Japanese Red Cross Society.
The donated amount includes the monetary donations from our intimate companies, such as Uniko Metal Flex & Joint Co., Ltd.,(Taiwan), Guo Ying High Pressure Hose (Taiwan) & BOA AG (Switzerland).
And BOA AG kindly sent us a poster with the messages by the staff to cheer up all the Japanese who are suffering now.
We wish the affected area to recover as soon as possible from the bottom of our,

April 1, 2011
Tofle Co., Inc.
Katsutoshi Nakano

The poster from the staff of BOA AG


Our Logo mark is just renewed. 

We, Tofle Co., Inc. renewed company Logo mark.
We would make a clean start with our new logo
and do our best to go further to satisfy customers.
December 1, 2010




  The primary application for Phamaline is in high purity pharmaceutical, biotech,

    chemical and foodstuffs plants where ease of cleaning the hose, both internally

    and externally is required.


  Pharmalex hose was designed to provide a lighweight alternative version of

    Phamaline hose, for light duty, low pressure applications.



  Pharmaline Hose Assembly with Sanitary Triclamp End Fitting



・Pharmaline hose was designed and developed to provide customers with an improved high purity hose

  product which combined all the requirements they had requested for Pharma and Biotech applications,

  particularly the need for improved flexibility.

・Pharmaline hose not only supercedes but also improves upon the wide variety of alternative products

  currently available.




・Pharmaline is built around a patented PTFE hose liner design, which is smooth bore inside but

  convolution outside to generate excellent flexibility combined with "hoop strength".

・A stainless wire and stainless steel wire braid reinforcement adds to the kink resistance, crush

  resistance and the resistance of the hose to both pressure and vacuum. For sizes 3/4" and above

  a SS helical wire is wound in to the convolutions to further reinforce the hose design.

・Finally, an outer cover of Platinum Cured Silicone rubber is extruded on to the braid, with a

  super-smooth surface finish to aid external cleaning.




・The primary application area for Pharmaline is in high purity pharmaceutical, biotech, chemical

  and foodstuffs plants where ease of cleaning the hose, both internally and externally is required.

・Pharmaline is also very suitable for use in other general industrial applications, particularly

  those where hot fluids or gases are being passed, if there is any risk of burns due to accidental

  touching of the hose - for example, hot oil or steam transfer applications.


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