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Quality Control System
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Quality Control System

Our highly competitive products.
The Development and Quality Assurance Center has various testing methods and forms of equipment that ensure security, safety and stability of our products and we have established a system that meets the requirements of our customers.
Displacement Tester
(displacement test function)
Displacement: +400mm, -100mm
Vibration Tester
(vibration durability test function)
Amplitude: ±50mm
Frequency range: 1 to 1000Hz
Fatigue Tester
(fatigue test function)
Automatic maximum load: ±20kN
Driving stroke:±50mm
Frequency: 0 to 60Hz
Repetitive Pressure Tester
(repetitive pressure test function)
Maximum internal pressure: 5MPa
Cycle Test Machine
(Cycle bending function)
Cycle test by bending 180゜
It is possible to see the type of steel at any place.
*On-site testing is possible
X-ray Device
By taking an X-Ray on the tube's longitudinal welded part, check the welding stability.
*Inspection is conducted by RT qualified engineers
Hardness Test
Vickers hardness tester checks the hardness of material and tubes formed.
Allows observation of cross-sections and analyzes attached foreign obstacles
Structure observation and enlarged observation are possible
Color photography at up to 1000x magnification ratio is possible
Surface Harshness and Outline Measurement Apparatus
This enables a check of metal fitting conditions, by referring to the drawings
(to see surface roughness, thread, R shape, etc)
Amsler Universal Testing Machine
To test tensile strength and compression
Maximum load: 300kN (30t)
Pressure/Impact Tester
(water pressure)
To see pressure resistance
(4 times pressure, destruction test)
Maximum pressurizing force: 150MPa
Conducts impact tests for up to 2MPa
Equipped with an extension sensor
U-shape bend tester
Bending test for ISO10380
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